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Baron of Sadism

The ONE who will own you completely

I am 20 but never underestimate what I am capable of. I have a sadistic streak that will leave most trembling if they do not run in fear. . Let me know what kind of faggot you are, I can always use different kinds.
Pain Slaves
Cash Slaves
Live in Domestic Slave
Foot Slaves
I do not care what category you fall into as long as you are very obedient and willing to fulfill your purpose like a good submissive always should If you get something from me it will be rough, painful, and it might make you cry. But as long as you make me happy you have fulfilled your purpose. I like taking men and teaching them what they really are, my plaything. I have already begun amassing a dungeon of fun things that will catch you off guard and make you cum harder than you even knew was possible. So if you are capable of admitting that you are a pathetic little cunt that can answer to a teenager then I better hear from you. I have hundreds of pics for those that are worthy of them.
I am taking over the family estate in Scotland which is complete with a full dungeon. If you think that you are worthy of ever giving up total control to become a permanent slave that lives for nothing more than my amusement and uses then let me know faggots.

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Devotion for Faggots

50 dollars because you know who owns you

100 dollars for my wallet

250 dollars for my forgiveness

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9 Articles of Slave Contract

9 Articles of Slave Contract for Online only slaves

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