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Welcome to My World, loser!

I want you to do something for Me. I want you to look around you now.

That's right, just look around your room. Look at all the things in there.

Your computer..your television..your DVD player..everything.

I want you to think of everything else you have. If it is close by, look at it. Take your wallet out your pocket. Look inside. See the money and the credit cards?

And your car..just see it in your minds eye..your beautiful car.

As of now, all this is MINE. Everything you thought was yours is Mine. The only things you can have are things I allow you to have.

And I don't just mean material items. Your pride, your self-esteem, your sense of purpose, your sense of worth. I hold them all in my hand just as sure as I hold your cash and your possessions.

Wanna know why? Cause I am YOUR GODDESS. I am your everything. Everything you are is through me, Without me you are nothing!

Youre worried now aren't you? Or maybe you're still unsure. Maybe you think I am wrong, or that you can just forget you ever discovered ME and go back to your life as though this had never happened.

You can try of course, if you want to go back to insignificance. If you want to go back to being meaningless.

But..if you ever want to have any worth or value in life, you will do as I say. Yes, I will use and abuse you. Yes, I will take and take and take from you. Yes, I will humiliate you, yes I will turn you into anything I desire, all for MY amusement.... but, I will also give you a reason to get up in the morning. Something to strive for. To be useful to me.

So here is what you're going to do. You're going to begin your life of meaning by sending Me a tribute, to thank Me for showing you how insignificant you are and how you deserve nothing and I deserve EVERYTHING, .. ..Then your journey will begin...your journey to becoming MY toy, MY making Me happy, you will become MY property.

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