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~laughing at losers~GoodyBags!!~

I'm Princess Natalie. There are a few things you need to learn about Me. Don’t worry I’ll dumb this part down so all you, moronic fuckbags can follow along. I am sweet as can be to real men seeing as how you aren’t a real man I’ll have a wicked good time humiliating, degrading, demeaning & just plain old psychologically & physically tormenting & torturing you. It’s simple. I’m a beautiful, sadistic, humilatrix & you need Me. Did I mention that when it comes to worthless losers such as you I don’t have a conscience? That’s right dickless wonder; you never have to worry that I’ll be easy on you. I’ll fuck you up in ways you never dreamed possible, smiling & giggling all the while.
Specializing in
  • Humiliation~a sweet sounding Princess degrading you & laughing at you is way more torturous for you
  • Psychological torture & torment~I will mindfuck you & never feel a moment's remorse
  • Orgasm control & denial~I control it & I'll most likely deny it, because it makes me all warm & tingly inside knowing that I CAN.
  • Little dicked losers~little dicks serve a purpose after all. They bring laughter to all who see them.
  • Cuckolding~emasculation professional
  • Forced bi~seeing you take a dick in your mouth that's 3 times the size of yours-pure heaven.
  • Sissy training~I'll turn you into the perfect dicklicking sissyslut.
  • Body worship~you'll start at the bottom & have to earn your way to the top.
  • Physical punishments~hearing you in pain really does something to me.