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Lady Fox

Feel my Fire... Let Me Feed Your Desire..

The soft sound of low music makes your ears perk and your eyes seek for the sounds origins... you eyes find a light down the hall... its small,soft, flickering, inviting... the music seems to be coming from there. Moving quietly it becomes obvious that the light emanates through a keyhole, unable to resist you place your eye close and almost gasp as you see her... long red shimmering hair falls to her waist as she stokes the fireplace and hums softly with the gentle trickle of music that accompanies the firelight to fill her room with warmth. Her hair is like a flaming halo about her ovate face and it accents her slightly almond shaped emerald green eyes and full pouty lips... her long throat leads to her sculpture perfect collarbone and gently sloping shoulders. a sheer red robe hangs carelessly and one side slides free of her shoulder revealing the alabaster flesh hidden beneath ever so gently peppered with tiny freckles. She pauses and blinks as she looks to the door and smiles, the expression lighting her face with a soft luminescence from within as she rises and moves toward the door... you scramble up as it opens and she says not a word as she takes your hand gently to draw you into her chamber. Her skin is like silk... smooth and soft... You follow her in and her scent takes your breath away as she wraps her arms about you,pressing her hungry curves close, and whispers softly... "I have been waiting for you..."