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The Exotic Angel

Angel ignores you while taking Her money

I'm the Angel of Dominance that you will serve everyday of your life. The Angel that not only guards you from the perils and dangers of weak, lost women but also protects you from the weaknesses which lie within yourself. you know, the weakness which causes you to bounce from Princess to Mistress to Goddess in hopes of finding Me. your search is not one of due dillegence but rather a search of desperation. Unfortunately for you, My subject, you search in vein because Angels of Dominance are rare breeds which do not typically walk this planet.

As an Angel of Dominance I find it disturbing to see women lower themselves to beings whose only purpose on this planet is to serve Us. It saddens Me to see how far some women have fallen from their true and rightful Dominant roles. For there once was a time when Women, bearer of life and humanity, not only ruled this world but also the universe. It is because of this that I have clipped My wings to walk among the lowly subjects such as yourself to restore order back to this planet. I can no longer sit in waiting for a new dawn, for the new dawn has arrived with Me. Because I have clipped My lovely wings to allow you, the desperate, subject to serve Me I now find Myself in need of wordly things. The most dedicated, honorable and loyal of you, My subjects, shall take care of My everyday needs.

The days of you desperately searching shall cease because you have now found Me. I am the legitimate holder to the throne of Dominance. I am your Queen. From this moment on you shall be classically reprogrammed to behave like a good, obedient and loyal subject. I will not accept pseudo bravado that you falsely believed you were entitled to. your only desire shall be to please Me with your servitude. you will not want nor covet anything more than you do Me. you will allow your life to be realigned with the laws of nature which have Women ruler over men.

In The Beginning... The Angel of Dominance conquered all men
I am your world. I am all that you will care about from this day forth. your existence on this rock will be filled with one thought and one thought only: i exist to please my Queen today. Before you call Me or email Me you will first show Me that you are ready to commit to reprogramming and that you truly want to serve a Dominant Angelic Queen. you will press the button , follow the instructions within and then you will await a response from Me; if I deem you worthy of one.

In the meantime as you wait for your Angelic Queen to reply, you may also show your dedication to My happiness on earth by tributing Me.