Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

Sometimes all you need is someone to: Listen to you... Confide in... Answer your questions honestly... Get a woman's point of view... Vent your frustrations to... Get advice from...

Hi, I'm Bete... I'm intelligent, very open minded, straight forward, easy going, playfully sarcastic, honest, and an excellent listener. I've been talking to people over the phone for over a decade, and the conversations I have always enjoyed the most, are when I talk to people who are just genuinely being themselves. You can talk to me about any topic (as long as you do not break NF's rules) and know that you will always have someone who will listen with a judgment free ear.

I'm more than comfortable: sharing my personal experiences, doing research if I'm not sure on a topic/term, telling you my honest opinion (I will not BS you), or just being your personal "phone friend"... It all depends on what you'd like to have happen.

Here's what one of my customers had to say when I asked him to describe me:

How interesting! Let's see, my description of Bete... Mysterious and enchanting sultry voice even when discussing "regular" things Intelligent and quick witted Imaginative Great listener Excellent sounding board Very articulate Curious I'd also say patient, considerate, big hearted, and amidst all the fantasy, an air of practicality comes through I think you're much more down-to-earth than your "acting" would lead one to believe I also think that you are a pretty special person.

Things that will NOT happen here under any circumstance: Degradation Demoralization Rudeness Disrespect Bigotry