Phone Sex

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Give Me What I Deserve, NOW!

You'll call me your Queen and you will bow down to me, wallet in hand. All your hard earned cash will be MINE to spend. I don't fucking care about you and I want you to know that the only good part of you is green and spendable.
Maybe if you're lucky you can hear all about me drinking champagne and eating an exquisite dinner...all on you while you sit at home eating Ramen. In fact, I might not even answer your call unless you pay me a tribute and leave a message first.
Maybe, MAYBE, if you're REALLY lucky, I'll show you pictures of the expensive shoes and designer clothes you've bought me.
I am a high maintenance brat and I will get what I want even if you have to sell your car and put a mortgage on your house! I WILL talk down to you. I WILL insult you, make you feel like the scum under the high heels you drained your bank account for. If you don't want to give me what I want, I WILL ignore you. You can listen to me play with my precious and talk to someone far, far more important than you that might actually HAVE money! I AM TOO GOOD FOR YOU!