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Mistress Lilyan

Wallet fuckery,Blackmail, Control

The Supreme Female you long to serve. Welcome to my world! Its tempting to enter and impossible to leave...

I Am the S U P R E M E Highness of Seduction, Devine Princess of Paypets, Lovely Queen of Losers, Princess of Shopping Slaves, Ultimate Financial Domination Mistress....The One and Only Mistress Lilyan. I'm a E X Q U I S I T E . I'm a G L A M O U R  Girl. I'm a Bitch and I'm a Goddess. I'm here for My pleasure only. I will seduce you into my feminine world, where I wrap your B R A I N  around my little pinky in no time! If you want my attention you will obey.Your life as you know it has ended the day you first saw Me.

Welcome to My Royal World of Seductive Manipulation and Domination, let your addiction start!

Welcome to my page... If you found me here I assume you are interested in Financial Domination and knowing a little more or even a lot more about me... and seeing if we *click*..What is domination for me? It is the power I have over you... ultimate domination would be to have total power over you.... you will spoil me and tribute to me regularly... and maybe one day... I will totally control your finances... who knows... I expect you to spoil me rotten... and this is not about money... I do not need your money for my living expenses... I will never depend on you... your tributes are meant to make my life better... I love shopping and knowing you work for it... makes it so enjoyable!

Financial Domination is P O W E R . It is my adrenaline. So call me ! If you email me, always attach a tribute to show respect.

There are so many ways to show your devotion... you can either surprise me with something from my wish list... or choose the natural way to please me: money... Pay My bills, cover My everyday expenses, support My L U X U R I O U S  lifestyle, contribute to My G R E E D ... make Me feel good & look good without having to even think about the price... you are expected to please your Mistress and always think what you could do to please Her a little more... money is the perfect way of expressing how deep your feelings are... and how far you will go to make Me happy!

When you call, you will tell me about your weaknesses , fetishes and we will come up with an invidual plan for your financial use to me. Prepare yourself to feel used and happy!

spend spend and please me!
shop my wishlists! Amazon or Neiman Marcus.
It excites me so much seeing you sacrifice your own comfort of life for my luxuries!

you are my wallet and you will work to keep it full!. That is the essence of your existence.I want it all! your adoration, your humiliation, your wallet, your savings, your love, your fear.... And get it all, I will. Have no doubts about that. Give in already! be a  G O O D  B O Y and begin your new purpose in life, ME.

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