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BOP: Bitchy, Opinionated, and Petite

You've been bopped! Now that you are dazed and confused, I shall have you under my spell. You will see how similar I am to the Queen Anne's likeness. I will get what I want long before you get what you want.

You will give me all of your money when you call. You're going to enjoy every second of these calls, even during those weird and awkward silences. If you have any trouble believing me, just call me.

I promise to reel you in with my charm and quirky behavior! My eyes are deviant and mesmerizing. You will fall in love. You will ask me to marry you. You will want to meet me. I will tell you that I love you back, but you will never meet me, and you will never marry me.

Get on your knees and start begging, because the bitch train is where it's at. This is the true GFE. A bitchy girl you can't get enough of. A delicate rose, full of thorns, but ready to be picked. Though I have you pussy whipped, it gets you hard and it makes you desire more with each crisp, penetrating word that tumbles out of my lips.

You will want nothing more than to smell my long, silky hair, touch my swarthy, soft skin, taste my potent, poisonous lips, hear my bubbly, adorable voice, gaze upon my dark, mysterious eyes which will hypnotize you with a since glance.

Your cock gets harder by the second, and there's no escape. The only escape is with a call that will leave you feeling lonely, empty, and drained.

I will own you, and there will be no escape. It only gets worse as time progresses. There's no allusive pot of gold at the end of this sensational rainbow.

For those whom this pertains to: you will refer to me as HER MAJESTY. To reflect upon my status with any less respect will result in rapid punishment and comparable obedience training.

For those who are curious, I can be sweet as a candy as well. ^_^

$5.00 ID's