Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

It sincerely upsets me that so many subs prefer to play online and over the phone. It makes me feel slightly better to take their money. I am a Black Female Supremacist and a lifetime Domme. There are only one of three options. Either you are a sub who can't or won't submit to real-time service and instead live your fantasies online. For you I have the privilege of hearing my real-time subs earn their punishment and reward at my feet in a variety of novel ways. My attention will be on giving orders to my real subs and berating you for being the sorry excuse for a sub that you are. My anger will be two-fold and my poor subs will despise you even more than I for having to suffer for your foolishness. Unlike you, they will at least have solace in knowing they are better than you, and they are right. Some of the subs who can't or won't submit to real time have the audacity to believe they deserve a tailor-made session with a sub acting on their behalf. Should you fall into this category you must set up an appointment in order to have such a divine opportunity. My attention will be on giving orders to "you," my real-time sub, and you are to be a whimpering, quiet, pile of nerves listening in rapt attention. I will charge you double, triple, quadruple, or more for this service, depending on my mood. It is obviously non-negotiable. The third option is for my potential and/or real-time subs who have to serve online as part of their tribute package and/or training. For you I have all sorts of things, as you likely know. I expect active and deeply submissive participation no matter what sort of service you are providing. Follow whatever instructions you were given or contact me by whatever methods you usually use in order to receive repeat or updated instructions. If you are contacting me here in an attempt to get in contact with me when other methods have failed be sure to describe yourself and our relationship succinctly so I know who you are. Don't be so absurd as to think you are my only one; you know better.