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Web Mistress

Mistress of Web. Mistress in Life.

I am Madonna. Take that as a declaration of my name and as a quick snapshot of my being.

Would you like the pleasure of becoming better acquainted with me?

Sometimes you must first bow down in order for your head and heart to be lifted.

You're already weak when confronted with your need. Be prepared to be weaker still when lead by a skilled guide.

I do not ask you to kneel. Of course, I may ignore you if you do not. Most likely I will laugh. Would be funny if you approached me as if you were a wild stallion when we both know that you're broken.

Approach and be mended. I have planted my hands into mud and molded the earth to suit my vision. Surely, I can mold you. There is no need to live in quiet desperation.

Speak to me. I hear your cravings already. They are loud and unfocused. Come now to be trained.

Come now to serve your true Madonna.

Take my hand. I will guide. I will scorn. I will illuminate. I will make cloudy. I will judge. I will redeem. I will break and make whole. I will take to heart and casually discard. I will always do as I see fit.

Virtual Mistress/Courtesan ▪ Scarlet Seduction ▪ Body Worship ▪ Goddess Worship ▪Fetish Intensification ▪ Enlightenment

Gender Exploration ▪ Feminization ▪ Sissy Training ▪ Forced Bi ▪ Dildo Training ▪ Cuckoldry ▪ My Strap-on

Mind Reprogramming ▪ Confession/Compassion ▪ Confession/Interrogation ▪ Humiliation

Masturbation Instruction ▪ Tease and Denial ▪ Tease Torture ▪ Cock Bondage ▪ Prized Cock ▪ CBT

Fantasy/Role-playing: Now That's Fucked Up ▪ 55-ft Woman ▪ Human Bondage