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Pay Me piggy. Pay to obey and serve

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My beauty and grace draws you to Me. you cannot think of anything else you would like to do than send Me your money. I am a well educated, refined Goddess that only deserves the best. I like controlling your mind and body and making you submit to Me. It makes Me very happy to be so spoiled while you have barely anything. I have nice, lavish things while you have second hand goods.

I am entitled to all things extravagant and luxurious. you are My money pig and I want you to buy Me everything I desire.

you live to serve Me. By serving Me, you will send Me your money. I love the finer things in life and you will deliver them to Me.

  • Don't have the money this week? I don't care. Fuck you dog, pay ME!

  • Lost your job because you're a lame ass? Like I care! Fuck you, pay ME!

  • Wife wanting to know where all your money is going? Fuck her! Fuck you, pay ME!

  • About to lose your house? Live in a box bitch. Fuck you, pay ME!

  • No food? Lights getting shut off? Eat a roach and light a candle pig. Fuck you, pay ME!

  • you are a loser and deserve to have nothing. But I do have a kind streak (very thin, but it's there), so you will be rewarded with My attention.

    Pay My rent

    Lady Sophia