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Sissy School is in Session!
For Boys who want to become Girls!


And you dream ... you dream about all the soft things in life: pink bows, frilly dresses, nylons, feather boas.  You dream about bubble baths, shaved legs, plucked eye brows, pink pinafores, and your toes crushed into a pair of high heels.

Some of you remember when you were a child and watched mommy sit at her vanity table and put on lipstick, or a favorite aunt dressed you up in little pink pinafores, or you snuck clothes from your sister's closet just see how you would look in a skirt.  Some of you waited until you were an adult, and then keep that secret box in the closet with a stolen pair of panties, some old stockings, an ancient tube of red lipstick, and a crumbled negligee.  And many of you repeatedly tossed these shamed items in the trash, only to feel the craving overcome you again which made you go out and collect more.

There's nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about!

You're an adult now!  You can do whatever want, and please yourself any way you want.  NEVER be ashamed again.  Become the sister you never had, the mother you always wanted, the lovely exotic lady next door, or the nasty slut on a bar stool.  As the Army says, "Be all that you can be" *snicker*! 

It's time to wrap that cock and balls up in a pretty little package and present them to the world!

Do you need a little push to "come out?" Do you need a little guidance for a subtle transformation, just a little bit at a time? Do you need a make over, wig selection, strutting lessons, high heel practice, someone to mother you through your developement from BabySissy to Lil' Sis to Debutante to Lady of the Day & Night! Do you need lessons in cocksucking, becoming a cunt, or wearing white gloves and drinking tea with real ladies?

Remember THINK PINK!

If you want to become the Special Debutante you always wanted to be! You came to the right place!

One-on-one Sissy School Phone Lessons

at MsRhonda's Sissy School!
1-800-863-5478 Ext. 9430271

Servicemen’s Special!
Marching all day, harsh voices shouting orders, hot sweaty boots laced up to the knee, heavy thick clothes, push ups, sit ups, boot polish, gun oil, shovels and fox holes … no wonder the Army has a “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. They know all that rough work and play makes a boy crave the softer things in life. When the long hot day is over and you climb into that shower with a dozen hard body men, being careful not to look too long at anyone’s crotch. But what you really want to do is sash shay over to a warm bubble bath with sweet jasmine scents floating through the air, and sink down into that soft silky water, soap up with a vanilla sponge, shave your legs, pluck your brows, put on a little lip gloss, slip into a light chiffon negligee and pour yourself a glass of pink zinfandel. Then sit down in a fluffy lounge chair and call me on your pink princess phone for our first one-on-one Sissy School session.
Special for Servicemen ONLY –
How to cum like a lady, stroking that fat clitty of yours!

MsRhonda Awaits!