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Ms R


You'll find that I'm open and easy to talk to. I think I'm non judgmental and have tried a ton of fantasies that other girls may find weird or taboo, but that's what I love about sex.
I won't judge and love to give advice if you need it.
It means something different to everyone.
And if you are looking for someone who will go the extra mile for you, then check me out! =)

Sitting at home while your Wife or Girlfriend goes out and gets pleasured by another man? prolly cause your not man enough for just don't measure up, (in more ways than one).Does she cum home, wet, creamy jizz running down her thighs and tell you how much HE satisfied her when you can't?And the ONLY reason she's even still with you is because of your money? She is you know, I bet your NOT even ALLOWED to touch your pitiful cock till she gets home and gives you permission, IF she does! Your pathetic and that over grown clit that you TRY to pass off as a cock just wont do!I bet IF your real good, she bring one of her young, stud lovers home and let you fluff him, then MAYBE IF she's in a particular good mood, she may let you taste that GLORIOUS CREAM-PIE!You know what I believe,(and I am sure she does too), Cuckolded men make WONDERFUL slaves!
I would love to be your online girlfriend, to treat you right and talk about anything and everything. I love love love sex and do this to get off too at the end of the day! xx