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Mistress Lillith

Find your Inner Sissy - I'll expose her

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Mistress Lillith ~ Experienced Sissy Trainer - Let's EXPOSE the REAL you...the SISSY you ~

You, my darling, know exactly what it is that you seek. You like the finer things of life...or, rather, the feminine things in life.

REAL men don't find themselves on this listing, they don't find themselves looking into my Sissy Camp. You are not a real man and it is high time you understood that. By any means necessary.

Are you going to be a good Sissy Girl for your Mistress? Comply with her training techniques and style? Can you handle sissy training assignments along the way? Or...are you going to be a naughty little shit that is always in need of discipline and further humiliation and degradation to break you down until you see what the rest of the world sees.

I am highly skilled and well trained, not to mention I have a knack for getting into the psyche that is the Sissy Mind. Relax, let the inevitable happen. Become the sissy girl you were always meant to be.

Enjoy a range of worship pics and short teaser clips

I know how to blur the lines of fantasy and reality. I know how to pull out all your inner secrets and desires and morph them into the ideal image of a kinky and fetish loving lifestyle. I will use your weaknesses to my full advantage.

What are your inner secrets?

Your mind is my playground and it is play time my dear pet. It is time to succumb to your submissive tendencies and submit to an Intelligent, Elite Femdom and Fetishist…Mistress Lillith.


Teaser Clips of Mistress Lillith

Your curiosity -- and sissy clitty -- have peaked. Yet, you are still in denial...still attempting to resist me. Resistance is futile my little sissy. Once we break down that feisty attitude, we can begin to explore those desires you try so hard to keep locked away.

So here, have a little taste of the Goddess you serve. I bet you find yourself wishing you had my body...but not in the sense real men would want wish you could embody all that encompasses feminitity-- the way that I do. I can show you, guide you. These are short few seconds to under 2-minute teaser clips. The description is enclosed. Sometimes you need that push to take the plunge. I'm sure you've been intoxicated a time or two and know that one taste is perfect, then you get the buzz, then the real rush comes in. You may be fucked come morning -- but for now, revel in the moment and serve your Temptress.

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Mistress Lillith Teaser Photos

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Some Inspiration for calls I enjoy:

Male Submission, Cock Control, Tease and Denial, Ruined Orgasms or none at all, Cum Eating instruction, Humiliation, SPH (Yes, I am a size queen), Feminization, Sissyfication, Body Worship (You worshipping me ;) ), Intoxication calls, Strapon, whipping/flogging/discipline (have you been a bad boy?), Role play, Mind Fuck, Hypnosis, Guided Masturbation, Giantess, Fun and Freaky/Unique Fetishes

I am not one you can fit into a tightly wrapped package. Everyday there is a chance to explore something new. My interests expand far beyond this I'm sure many of yours do. If you had to make a list...what would yours read -- what kind of sissy would you be?


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