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Believe me, your Josie is so eager. Eager to be on my knees in the perfect form of submission, exactly where I belong. I need you to guide me and show me the way to perfect sexual enlightenment. The way my bald pussy dampens, as I say this, is testimony to the fact that I belong on my knees for any guy you choose for me. I want to hump the arm of my couch right now. I'm that turned on. I want to grate my slit against anything that will grant my cunt relief! I wish you were here to give me the permission to do it. I’ll be anything you want, as you need! My pussy is desperate to cum.

It is a sweet struggle that is perfect for any one. No matter what, you know best. Even as I think of you and your further schooling of me in the ways of cock and cum, I need to feel your presence on top of me, weighing me down and bringing me to a disciplined position before you. I love worshiping and I long to worship your cock, no matter whose cock I might have sucked earlier in the day or later or night. It's your cock that makes it all possible. I need to finger myself this morning, but have been duly instructed to hold it in, but I intend to misbehave. I want to feel my cum soak into the flesh of my penetrating fingers, knowing what you would do to me, if you caught me breaking the rules. I thought about this, as I was being fucked hard last night.

I can’t wait, until we talk again, and I can serve you and hear you cum so hard! I can imagine what your white mess would look like, taste like, feel like all over my body and in every one of my tight holes. Maybe if I'm extra good, you will run your tongue up the center of my pussy and let me cum so sweetly into your mouth.

The higher the package number, the naughtier the pictures. Each package contains three pics, except for 32.  It contains 2.  The pictures are HUGE!

Pic Package #1: $3.00

Pic Package #2: $3.30

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Pic Package #5: $4.20
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*white panties & little tits

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