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Renee Joy

I love sucking ! I have very warm mouth. am/asian


Now for a little look see at me and my best friend yoshi, however calls will be with me only. but I will share a few photos of me and Yoshi.

In your phone call with me, you will submit yourself to teasing and training by me and you will have no other input. other than responding to my commands. If you desire, this session will be allowed orgasmic approval while on the phone with me. I will vote on whether you get to have an orgasm or not. So you must be on your best behavior throughout your training, or you might not get to cum at all! Orgasm Denial training sessions are highly customizable; you can speak with me at the start of our conversation, to negotiate your fantasies and fetishes which I will approve or deny, and whether you get to have an orgasm during the final orgasmic denial session. If you leave it up to me, BE CAREFUL! You might be required to start the CALL OVER AND OVER all over again with no orgasm at all - so you'd better behave for me. My favorite fantasies are ones where I'm in charge. Now remember I won't submit to you *well, maybe for the right prompting* giggle giggle -meaning money money and lots of money is the only way to make this mistress submit to any man. In other words it takes an amazing amount of money to make me submit to any man. There that said now lets move on to my many many favorites-

First off is foot and shoes. A true Asian goddess nows the actual meaning to making a man turn red and flush with embarrassment, especially while in public and being teased from under a dining table. Thus, is why I love non-asian restaurants hence the table legs. hahaha. lol. Thats where I first learn to truly appreciate my feet with a submissive man. amazing. The first time feeling truly powerful is the greatest sexual feeling in the world.

ok, gotta stop rambling. getting frustrated sexually. Be carefull calling you might be seeing me in one of those moods.

fetishes-love oral (to me), anal (to you), total submission (you again),see you get something too outta this. lol

unlimited fetishes as long as you read the terms of service agreement and not ever ask me to break those. Fantasies-OMG! need we even list those. Phone sex in an amazing thing with the mind. We can go on on with a list and hope we get up in the search engines. Just playing. anyhow, I love fantasies. roleplaying, sex,(i even occassionally love that) as long as Im satisified first. That said and done. Please be advised I love blackmail. Email of course and I love to play games. Im not into playing games of putting up pay per views yet. I'm right now into just doing personal ppv with your fantasy/or fetish in a small email and describing to me what you want and I will customize a ppv for just you.

That said and done lets get started. Now, remember I've been gone for over a year and back to have you reshine my mind and lets get started on our venture. one more thing. Im an canadian/american/asian. 100 percent true japanese just never been to japan. but, glad you love my ancestors accent. Let get started. kisses, renee joy