Phone Sex

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Let's Explore Your Back Door...

Everyone is gone, and you have the house all to yourself for a few precious hours.

You anxiously pace, uncertain what to do with all your pent up energy, all your unspent passion. You just got a new package in the mail, some silicone lubricant and a secret desire that, up til now, you've been too nervous to explore. But that's about to change isn't it?

Secretly, you long for someone to take control for a little while, don't you? Someone that will make you do all the things you know you really want to, but still resist. Someone who will to push your boundaries just enough...(you're squirming just reading this...aren't you honey?)

You can't ask your wife or girlfriend to do this for you. It's just too crazy, too against the grain. Your world would fall apart if anyone knew how urgently you want to give yourself up in this way. Just how would you explain your need to be scream out the things you'll be forced to say...the things you are desperate to ask for...

No one will ever know about us. About the things I do to you. About how often you need to call and just get a quick fix, or the times you set aside a couple hours just to find out what I have in mind for you that you feel subjugated yet thrilled each time we your need to talk to me becomes more and more frequent...

The phone is in your hand already, isn't it? *smile*