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submissive girl

I Need a New Master to Control Me

Master Makes Me Use My Roommates Dildo to Cum. I love it when my Master makes me cum with my roommate's dildo. She doesn't even know I take it from her room and play with it while she's sleeping.
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My First Submissive Anal Sex Some of you might be shocked to hear about the older man who taught me about submission and anal sex.
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Hi there, I'm Danielle. I'm a 28 year old submissive girl who loves to be treated like a trash queen. I love laying there while you do all kinds of unthinkable things to me, teasing me and making my desires go straight through the roof and then denying me my right to have an orgasm.

I can be a bit shy at first, but once you get me going I love to let it all out and let you in. I'm into really kinky things too. You know, things like ass play and titty fucks. You can use toys on me too, I'm into it all.

I will call you Mister or Master or whatever you please. I want, no I need that big fat cock deep in me or in my mouth. I want you to play with my nipples. I want to pinch them for you and suck on them for you. I'm into food play and masturbation at your command. Your call puts me in a fucking horny mood and I need it soooo bad. Please, I'm begging you now. Call me, tie me up and stick it in my ass or wherever you like. Mmmm

Things I carry at my desk for your pleasure: bobby pins, clitty clamps, nipple clamps, clothes pins, rope, ties, shackles, vibrators, dildos, food, blow up dolls, paddles, and more. I'll stick them wherever you want. Just command me.

I want to be punished. I want to be your toy, your candy. I beg for you to push me around and tease me. Fuck me with a hairbrush and then make me brush my hair with it. Fuck me with a carrot and make me eat it. I don't care. I'm yours to play with.

Unless I leave the home I have vowed to myself to stay naked all day no matter what I do. I am yours to control, Sir. I am into the D/s life. You are my Dominant and i am your submissive. Use me how you feel.

A few have asked me to do animal sex, minor age play, daddy/daughter play, incest, and blood letting. Sir, these things are against the terms of service and i do not wish to lose my account so i can serve You.

Sincerely on my knees for you,

submissive slave girl danielle