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Feminization Hypnosis - Be The Girl You Want To Be

You have been wearing women's clothing since you were a child. Maybe you stole your sister's panties, or played dress-up constantly with your mother's clothes. Or perhaps your auntie dressed you up constantly as a girl. It doesn't really matter how or when it began. What matters is that you have finally come to realize that this is never going away. You can secretly buy and wear bras and panties and stockings... then go through a cycle of guilt where you purge them and waste all that money... but the driving need inside you to dress and act as a woman never goes away, does it? No. And that's because you were MEANT to be a woman, just as you feel deep inside. Your soul was dropped into the wrong packaging and you have suffered for it your entire life, haven't you?

You do not have to suffer any longer. I am a certified hypnotherapist/hypnoanalyst and I am going to help you. My skills in hypnosis will allow you to go deep inside yourself and release the woman who is there, the woman who is YOU.

Hypnosis is a very natural state and you will never lose control of yourself. I don't "take you over" or force you to do or think or say anything you don't want to do. All I will do is relax you and help you remove the guilt that society and you (yes, YOU), have put there as an obstacle to happiness and self realization.

Are you ready to be the woman you were meant to be? Then call me. The first session should last anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour, because I am a professional and this is not a scam. Subsequent sessions can be shorter,if they are even necessary. Call me and let's take a journey to YOU.