Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

The real sweet spot? You know what it is: it's the imagination, of course. The erotic imagination. You've got one ... and I'll bet it's a big one ;) I've got one, too ... and it's a hot, juicy one.

I'll show you mine, if you show me yours ;) I wonder what would happen if we let your imagination and my imagination come out to play?

Because I get so deeply into many of the roles I play, people often ask if I'm an actress. "No," I tell them, "I'm not an actress: I just have a very vivid and very active erotic imagination."
As I see it, having an intense and wide-open imagination is not the same as being an actress. No doubt, an actress needs a good imagination to perform convincingly. But can you bring your imagination to life and not be acting? I think so.

How? By feeling into a role, or a scenario, and going with what it stimulates. Sort of like a chameleon: a chameleon doesn't act like it's green or brown or whatever color its environment is -- it actually becomes that color. Not permanently, of course, but for however long it's in that scenario.

The distinction between feeling into a role play vs. acting a part seems important to me -- because honesty and authenticity are important to me.

Before you call, I should tell you up front that I really am the person I present to you, not some persona I invented to get your money. If you're looking to talk to a red-hot made-up character, don't worry -- there are lots of them here! I'm just not one of them. The honesty thing goes for play, too. I don't pretend to be aroused if I'm not: what you hear is what I'm really experiencing. Luckily for both of us, it doesn't take much to get me going ;)

I've been on Niteflirt for a few years now, and I've met many wonderful people with whom I've shared secrets, intimacies and a wild variety of incredibly hot fantasies. I'll let them speak for themselves:
"Phew! Another hot, sensual call that left me weak, but wanting more. Thank you sweet Claudia!!"

"Unbelievably sexy with a creative imagination that can go wherever you want, and I mean WHEREVER!"

"Call this lady, now! She has the sexiest voice and the naughtiest mind on NF. She will fulfill your fantasies and satisfy all your needs. She really gets into the call. It's like she's there with you in your bed!"

"You're amazing, Claudia. One moment we're having a sensitive intelligent discussion and the next moment you're blowing my mind! Every man's dream lover."

"Wow! This woman knows how to please you in ways NO other flirt knows. Call her: I've been a member for 8 years, and she is the BEST!!!!!!!"

"Really amazing - an excellent, sexy call with just the right amount of kink/sensuality. A beautiful mature woman with an eye for detail and for building up a scene."

"Nobody can push the envelope in the older woman fantasy like Claudia. She jumped right into my role play and rocked my world."

"As usual, Claudia moved effortlessly into my fantasy and provided the ultimate in relief. I have called this lady several times and she has always very receptive to whatever my mood is and responded accordingly. I would urge you to call this lady except that I am selfish and want to keep her for myself."

"Claudia is an amazing woman. I gave her a dark, nasty fantasy and she totally ran with it. Her ability to get into the role both mentally and verbally really truly enhanced the experience. She is very skilled and I would highly recommend spending time with her. You will not regret it!"

"Claudia maximizes the impact of a fantasy with her sensuous voice, creative mind, and sexual nature. She creates the best sex sessions on Niteflirt!"

"Claudia is SO intelligent and SO hot – PLUS she’s really nice and understanding and willing to explore your inner world with you. What a combination!"

"I can't say enough about Claudia. One needs to tune in to your mutual fantasy to get the most out of a call with her. Once you do, beware: you may fall in love with her and spend your life desiring for what you may never get. I confess, I need her now."

"Claudia is great! She's very sensual and erotic. She knows how to push and keep pushing your buttons. She has great sense for what you love without even telling her."

"Claudia has a soft and sweet voice. I gave her a brief description of the role play that I wanted and we were off. She followed the storyline well and made it her own. It was a great call and I plan to call her again soon. Be sure to treat her right. Thank you Claudia!"

"OHHhhhh yes. A very sensuous and erotic woman. A true woman she is too. If you take a little time and treat her right, she will make it worth your while guys. A lot of experience and great at a fantasy. You would have to really try hard not to have a good call with Claudia."

"Stunning in her intensity, Claudia always, ALWAYS brings it to the table 110%! Can't go wrong with this intense flirt"
(Actual Niteflirt feedback taken verbatim from my listings)