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I caught you red handed (and red faced), going through my dirty clothes hamper! Were you sniffing my panties, or were you going to take them to wear yourself??? Either way, this is NOT acceptable.

You know what comes next dont you naughty sissy. Pull down your pants and show Me what is there! Ok, stand there while I talk!! Never mind biting that lower lip, I want to see it tremble, as the tears run down your chubby cheeks.

Punishment is actually a sign that I care. I care, and I want you to learn to do better next time. If I didnt discipline you, you would repeat your silly mistakes over and over, and over and over.

I am here to help you.... lovingly reprimand you, to help you become a better person. You DO want to become a better person ... DONT YOU?

This will hurt you more than it does me...LOL!

Pretty Miss Joey

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