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You Think Your Stright Not After I Turn You Out

So you're a straight guy right?


When I was inside I turn out
allot of straight guys just like you.

I know what kind of man you are


I will take from you what
a Real Man
would never give up

You will thank me for it.

You will be my PUNK.


I know your telling yourself  -  Hell NO!

I'd Never give it up, Never without a fight.

Yeah I may need to bounce your head off the bunks rail a few times but Shit after that you will suck my dick, take it up the ass and clean the house like a good little punk


I may lose you in a card game, rent you out to pay a few debts,trade you for a pack of smokes
                            Who knows?


But one thing is sure you have no say in anything that happens to you, punk.

We'll both know
I tossed you up like a salad


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