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Greedy Young Blonde Wants 2 Use U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am sick of answering the same crap so I put the top questions I get over & over below. Q: Are you really a bitch? A: Hell yes I can be. Q: Is that photo you? A: No it is Santa. Q: How old are you? A: I am legal. Q: Can we meet? A: Sure right now, let me drop what I am doing to run out and meet you. Seriously if you have money, worship me and are worth my time then maybe! Q: Are you a smart you look "kinda" smart in you'r photo? A: How do look smart or "kinda" smart for that matter? Yes I am tho, I am very smart wewwwwwww who would have thunk it a smart blonde. Q: Can you email/ send photos/ more info before I call? A: First of all if you want to call me then call, if not then don't. I will not send or do a thing for some one to call period. Q: Can I give you a bonus? A: Yes of course. Don't talk about it just do it. Q: How much do you want if I am you'r money slave? A: I want ever last bit of money you have. No for real tho I want as much as I can get, meaning I will not take very cent you have I want you to have the money to get to and from work so you can continue to pay me. :) Q: What kind of men do you like? A: I like everything with a penis. Seriously, what kind of question is this any way? I like men who worship me because I am a princess. I despite what you may assume am not stuck on looks. My only musts are that you truly do worship me, Also age you must be older then me, You better be honest and clean. Yes I said it, clean. Even if we do not meet, I still do not want to get a pic from a dirty man. Q: What do you like in bed? A: Call to ask & I will share if I feel like it. Q: What do you do for fun? A: Call to ask & I will share that is the point of calling.