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Mistress August Nettle

I am a sadist, hedonist and narcissist. Amuse me.

Hello, pervert.
I'm pleased you found my page.
My name is Miss Nettle and I am 24, petite, and rather bossy.
I am here to exploit your twisted desires and poorly controlled impulses.
I find the whole thing insanely entertaining.

Things I enjoy discussing:
your shortcomings
cum taxes
chastity goals
ruined orgasm
how much it hurts
the things I will do with your money
systematic male dismantling
countertenors and other castrati
bruised scrotums

YOU are what's wrong with the world. The good news is that I am here to help you repent and restructure your life. Embrace the chaos that will reshape you. Therapies include tease/denial, cuckolding, chastity, CBT, castration, forced fem, forced bi, foot/shoe/stocking worship, financial domination, ruined orgasm, hardcore verbal humiliation, forced intoxication, sensation play, spanking, puppy training, plugging, blackmail, ice, hot wax, and milking. Depending on my mood (and our chemistry) my dominance styles range from sensual nurturing and nudging to firm, demanding and deeply sadist. I trust you are prepared to amuse me with your idiot antics, your pain, your humiliation, your cash. Your weeping is as erotic as it gets for me, keep this in mind as I ruin your life.

I am a lifestyle Dominatrix. Each day brings a new sick anecdote to share, a new story of pain and debasement for the lucky slaves, houseboys and trannygirls in my life. Maybe if you too are lucky you'll get to watch some of said debasement take place on webcam, but plan on begging for it (inquire for details). I know you want to watch sissy cockfags gobble up my strap-on, still whimpering from harsh spanking, trampling and cbt. Watch as I relax with my pretty little girl feet on my human coffee table, perhaps putting out a cigarette in the palm or on the tongue of my human ashtray. I've got slaves just waiting to crawl for you while you wank in jealousy and piss your cash away.

Perhaps you too are a dirty bird and have some depraved stories to share. No doubt there are various nefarious secrets clawing at your conscience. I love to hear your dirty confessions, misadventures, and mishaps... if not only to laugh at you. I enjoy witty banter with those few who prove worthy. I've been a professional consultant on matters kinky for a good while now and am happy to advise (and gossip) in the areas of lifestyle BDSM, gender issues, queer issues, sacred sexuality and kinky/poly relationships. I LOVE to play with couples! Let me get bossy with your girlfriend or wife. Perhaps she needs a lesson in how to properly make you squirm? Or maybe the little bitch needs to fucking crawl for me as much as you do...

Pay me to stretch your holes and boundaries for hours, silly man. I could quite happily do damage to your balls all night. Maybe tonight you will kneel on rice, your sack covered in clothespins, edging until a reasonable cum tax is decided upon. Male discomfort in all it's forms is to me perfection. Role-play or real-time, I am your Goddess. Come to me for torture ending in ruined orgasm (if any) or for twisted fantasy role-plays. Surrender your will (and wallet) and watch in horror and bliss as I turn you into my cocksucker, my pet, my student, my victim, my slave.

$225 pays my opera coach for a month

$100 buys Mistress a night out with lovers or friends

$50 buys Mistress a pedicure and reflexology

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