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If money is really the root of all evil, then I guess it's a good thing I always loved being a bad girl!!

Too scared to call, but still want to serve? Send a payment mail, weakling.

Imagine the fun we will have together as you spend every little penny you have on Me - shopping sprees over the internet, gifts for your Mistress, and best of all: cold hard cash. You know you need My greed, so go ahead and contact Me to begin our journey. When you call, you'll be greeted by my sultry, hypnotic voice. I'll ask you what's on your mind, and you'll tell me how much you want to give yourself to me completely, mind, body, and MONEY. I can't wait to control you. It gets me wet just thinking about it! Slavery is about giving everything of yourself and all that you have to your Mistress. Naturally, the only way a slave can worship me long-distance is by spoiling Me, pampering Me, and showering Me with gifts.

As My money slave you will be under My COMPLETE control. You will be made to realize you have NO control of your own. This is such a SEXY form of Domination as it strips away all pretenses, leaving just a true version of yourself behind: crawling, sniveling at my feet, begging Me to pay attention to you.

You'll soon realize that you aren't happy unless I am happy. This is true devotion. This is what keeps you coming back to me, bearing tributes. You'll live for the happy, gleeful sound of my laughter as I accept your offerings and demand MORE. You'll find your joy in My joy, and you'll soon understand that your entire reason for living is to keep me satisfied and spoiled.

Always remember: you are here to serve ME, and to assist me in maintaining the high-living, relaxed, leisurely lifestyle that I was born to live. I'm not here for your sexual gratification, nor in any way to serve you.

Since so many of you requested it, here's my Amazon Wish list for those who really want to show their devotion!!!
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