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Sissy Boy, Get Transformed by a Professional

I am a professional dominatrix with over 8 years of experience in the BDSM community. I cater to all fetishes.

If you are looking for a serious, professional dom with real life experience, look no further. If we seem to be a good match after an initial telephone interview I will begin your training.

I have been dating cross dressers for many years. I have autographed books about cross dressing and am friends with the authors. I have dressed up many sissy boys for my pleasure. I still wear the panties of my ex-boyfriend.

Do you want to be dressed up in a pretty bra and panties with some sexy stockings? I want to add some sexy heels to that look for you.

I love to violate sissy boys. Don't be scared, I'll work you and that little ass up to it. I have a harness and several dildos for hot strapon play. My cocks come in many sizes and I will make you feel amazing!

Call Mistress to get made into the sissy panty boy that you are. You won't be disappointed. I am looking to have my own sissy boy again. Maybe you can be my next sissy boy boyfriend. Call me to start the application process. There's a lot that I don't want to go into on here, so call me to find out more.

I also have other pictures, videos, etc. for sale. I can do custom orders just for you!


I have real life and telephone experience with the following aspects of BDSM - Abrasion,Anal sex,Anal plugs, Anal plug(public, under clothes), Arm & leg sleeves(armbinders),Asphyxiation, Auctioning, Beatings, Blindfolds, Being serviced sexually, Biting, Boot worship, Bondage (light, heavy, multi-day, public, etc.),Breast/chest bondage and torture, Breast whipping, Breath control, Branding, Cages, Caning, Castration fantasy, Cattle prod (electrical toy), Closets (locked inside of), Chains , Chastity belts, Chauffeuring, Chores, Clothespins, Latex Clothing, Leather Clothing, Rubber Clothing. Slutty clothing private, Spandex clothing, undressed-top or bottomless, clothed female naked male, Uniforms, Cock cage, Cock rings/straps, Cock whipping, Cock worship, Collars (worn in private), Collars (worn in public), Competitions (with other Subs), Corsets - both casual and corset training for waist reduction, Crossdressing, transgender, Cuffs (leather, latex and metal), Cutting, Dilation, Dildoes (dildo training in ass as well), Electricity, Anal cleansing, Enforced chastity, Erotic dance, Examinations, Exercise (forced), Exhibitionism to friends and stranger, Eye contact restrictions, Face slapping, Fantasy abandonment, Fear, Fire play, Cupping, fire cupping, Following orders, Foot worship, Forced dressing, Forced eating, Forced homosexuality, Forced heterosexuality, Forced masturbation, Forced nudity (private and public), Forced servitude, Full head hoods, Gags -cloth, inflatible, phallic, rubber and tape, Gas masks, Gates of Hell, Genital sex, Given away to another Dom (temp), Hairbrush spankings, Hair pulling, Hand jobs-giving, Hand jobs giving and receiving, Harems, Harnessing-leather and rope, Having food chosen for you, Having clothing chosen for you, High heel wearing, High heel worship, Homage with tongue, Hot waxing,Housework, Humiliation private and public, Hypnotism, Ice play (cubes, dildoes, etc), Immobilization, Including others, Initiation rites, Injections, Interrogations, Iron Restraints/Manacles, Kidnapping, Kissing, Kneeling, Knife play, Leather clothing, Leather restraints, Lectures for misbehavior, Licking, Lingerie (wearing), Manicures-giving, Massage-giving, Massage-receiving, Medical scenes, Modeling for erotic photos, Mouth bits, Mummification, Name change, Nipple clamps, Nipple rings (piercings), Nipple weights, Oral-anal play (rimming), Oral-Genital play (fellatio/cunnilingus)), Over-the-knee spanking, Orgasm denial, Orgasm control, Outdoor scenes, Outdoor sex, PainDo you like to dress up in sexy panties, bras and stockings? Are you a sissy boy looking for a Mistress? Pathetic panty boy? Sissy maid?