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Cash Cow - It's Time to Pay Up


You know you want to get to be my pathetic money pig. I only want you for your wallet. Your dick probably isn't big enough to satisfy me, but hopefully your credit card limit will be. Look at my feedback, there may not be much of it yet, but every bit of it is positive. You want to be my worthless money slave. You want me to violate your wallet. I'm prepared to do so for you. I'm just that kind. Spent your entire fortune on me. I'm worth it.

Why should I have to have a regular job when you can support this beautiful dominant Goddess. Treat me like the princess I know I am.

You know you can never get a woman as good as me in real life. Note the body-it's pretty hot-the rubber dress keeps my breasts squished down, but trust me, they're big enough. If you spend enough, maybe you'll even get to see what my hot, tight, wet pussy looks like. The only way you'll make me wet is with your wallet loser. So click to call me and let the fun begin!

I am an amazing beautiful mistress. Once you call, I will decide if you are worthy of getting to buy my sets of pictures. Call me you pathetic pig and hand over your wallet. The poor house can be fun, or so I've been told.

I have a minor in Accounting from college, so I know how to properly balance a budget so that you get what you need and I get what I want and deserve. Give over that control of your finances, you know it really is the ultimate action of submission to give all of your money over to your Mistress and see that she makes sure you are taken care of.

I have almost a decade of experience in the BDSM community as a dominatrix. I have owned slaves before and currently own one slave and I am looking for more. Cum be my money slave.I accept both male and female money slaves. I am looking to build real relationships over time. I have experience in almost all aspects of BDSM. Do you wish to really belong to a Mistress? If so, you need to call me and become my slave.

If you wish for me to review and control your finances, I first require a phone call to interview you and then an additional payment to review your finances before taking over them. You will be required to make this payment before I will review your documents. Send a proper tribute to me for me to begin the process of reviewing your finances. Additional payments will be required as appropriate.


I also have photos, videos, etc for sale. If you wish to buy them, e-mail me to let me know what you are looking for and I can put together a custom order just for you.

I have real life and telephone experience with the following aspects of BDSM.Abrasion,Anal sex,Anal plugs, Arm & leg sleeves(armbinders),Asphyxiation, Auctioning, Beating , Blindfolds, Being serviced sexually, Biting, Boot worship, Bondage (light, heavy, multi-day, public, etc.),Breast/chest bondage and torture, Breast whipping, Breath control, Branding, Cages, Caning, Castration fantasy, Cattle prod, Chains , Chastity belts, Chauffeuring, Chores, Clothespins, Latex Leather Rubber Spandex & Slutty Clothing, undressed-top or bottomless, clothed female naked male, Uniforms, Cock cage, Cock rings/straps, Cock whipping, Cock worship, Collars, Competitions (with other Subs), Corsets - both casual and corset training for waist reduction, Crossdressing, transgender, Cuffs (leather, latex and metal), Cutting, Dilation, Dildoes (dildo training in ass as well), Electricity, Anal Cleansing, Enforced chastity, Erotic dance, Examinations, Exhibitionism, Eye contact restrictions, Face slapping, Fantasy abandonment, Fear, Fire play, Cupping, fire cupping, Following orders, Foot worship, Forced dressing, Forced eating, Forced homosexuality, Forced heterosexuality, Forced masturbation, Forced nudity,Forced bi, Forced servitude, Full head hoods, Gags, Gas masks, Gates of Hell, Genital sex,