Phone Sex

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Long 4 Lacey

close your eyes and let my voice dance over you


I know you hear this from all the girls here but with me its true. I am a horny little slut with a pussy that just won?t stop! My name is (insert name here) and I want all of you to remember it because you will be back to have a taste of me. I can be sexy and sweet or hot and on fire. I can prove it to you too. Let me tell you what happened to me the other day?

I work in a small recycling plant on the outskirts of the town I live in. (don?t ask cause it?s a secret) There is this guy that works with me and he is so hot. I get all excited every time he looks at me. I would do anything to take him home with me! Anything.

Well, it was the weekend and I was going to spend it alone?again. Normal for me, being alone on the weekends with just the phone to keep me company. This weekend was a little different though because I had brought home a bottle of wine with me.

Now, since I am a phone sexy talker, I don?t normally drink because alcohol tends to make me sleepy. But on this weekend night it was me, the phone, and the bottle of wine. I started drinking it as the first calls started coming in. The more I drank, the hornier the calls made me. Pretty soon I was squirming all over my bed while on the phone!

I got off of one particularly hot call and my pussy was just throbbing so I decided to take a break. I turned off the phone and I started playing with my clit. I wasn?t satisfied. I started thinking about that guy at work and I got hotter still. I started looking around for something?anything to get that full sensation in my pussy and I spied the empty wine bottle. I sat it on the cedar chest and straddled it. I proceeded to fuck my pussy with that bottle all while thinking about that guy from work.

I came so hard and got a much needed release but also got a surprise too. I heard a noise and turned around and there he was standing in my bedroom doorway. Things got hot then!

I think you should call me. Maybe I am drinking another bottle of wine! The results were pretty good the first time. I think I should try my luck again.