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Hey all, My name is Stevie,( yup they wanted a son and never got one so I got the name) I am a total tomboy when it comes to sports, but when it comes to sex I am a total freak! However,what people really notice about me is I hate clothing! I guess you could say I am a nudist at heart. I really feel clothes are confining and though the thought of jail doesn’t really turn me on so I go out in clothes the moment I walk thru the door I am buck ass naked as can be. My mom was upset about this when she remarried so I was confined to my room to be myself. After graduation I moved in with my boyfriend he thinks it’s sexy and has even joined me in my rebellion of clothing when we get home. But there is another side to me you don’t know about.

I love making love outside in secluded areas where I can strip off my clothes lay down on a blanket and fuck as loud as we want. My boyfriend wasn’t sure about this in the beginning but I have hiked since I was young, and I have learned where a lot of places are. My boyfriend says there is also the fact that anyone can walk up on us that makes it that much hotter. I don’t know about all of that I think it’s more that I hate clothing and the fact I can sit for hours out and be free is just amazing to me. I love the feel of the wind as it brushes past every part of my body, the wind in my hair and my hair dancing in the wind.

Wont you come on a hike with me perhaps up into the prettiest part of the woods , let me spread my blanket for you … lay you down on it and take off all your clothes let you feel the wind as is brushes across you body with its coolness while my hands and mouth touch you with my warmth. The rush between the two is something you will have to feel for yourself. I look forward to sharing it with you soon.