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Queen of The Night

Evil~It`s All About Addictions~Enchantress

Evil Enchantress

Suffer for Me

Addiction... Cravings...Sweet Surrender...

I am not your average Mistress or an average Smoker. It is a delight for Me to smoke and it`s an excitement to lure you onto the path of self-destruction. My methods might seem unorthodox, sometimes even Diabolical... But then again, I am a Succubus, Satanic Witch and ... ultimately I am your downfall.

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  • Forced Smoking Training
  • Nicotine Addiction 101
  • Chain smoking
  • Lung Damage
  • Brainwashing/programming
  • Second hand smoke
  • Ashtray/ash bucket training
  • Daemonic soul possession
  • Black Magick Spells

Evil lurking in the Shadows of My Realm, waiting to claim you as one of My minions. With every deep delicious drag I chain you to Me,seducing and bewitching with My voice, My eyes, My deviant and evil mind.

Ultimate Lung Fucking $25

Day of an Addict $25


Chain and Stroke

Evil Designs

Smoke Slave

Smoking Addiction

Smoking Video

Chain Smoking

Stories and Spells

Love Spell

Dream Spell

Hunger Spell

Impotence Spell

Smoking Spell

Succubus Story
Part 1 $10

Succubus Story
Part 2 $10

Black Widow

Worship Begins Here
Light up and call your Evil Queen I`m like a Vampire that feeds of your fetishes, a mystical creature preying on your weakness. Succubus seducing you with carnal desires and draining your soul...