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YOU ARE AN IDIOT & their all gonna LAUGH at you!!!

ah_haha_haha_ah hahaha!!1 Today while checking my mail here at NF I was slightly shocked to see that a somebody had the nerve to tell me about my listings---lol you would think if people were busy how would they have the time to worry about anybody else's right? What a fucking brain dead retard, but hey thanks all the same that gave me inspiration for this listing and once its approved i`ll make sure it stays on the homepage so hopefully the dried up river rat who mailed me can see it. So if any of you guys or hosts who have nothing better to do with your time than browse other flirts listings... well go right ahead it only lets us know how well we're doing and how bad your doing. Thanks again losers for the inspiration I was thinking of another creative idea for a listings now I have one ULTIMATE LOSER LINE!! what a damn joke espcially for a broke down wannabe barbie Msp**e pcture theif because hello are'nt we suppose to be busy doing our own thing?? Guess not everybody is making money like they should hmmmm sure had me fooled. So any comments, concerns or questions just ring me up--- so I can LMAO @ you fucking IDIOTS!!! girls and guys are welcome to call-- enjoy being ignored, belittled, sweared and laughed at. How pathetic your life must be if your checking up on me-- callers that lie on girls and girls who spy on other flirts-- get it together u rotting, pusstering, maggot of a person also callers it would'nt kill' ya to actually READ FUCKING LISTINGS before placing calls to see what a flirt actually offers-- never ASS-sume anything....dont forget to leave feedback after the call...hopefully your stupid ass can get something right FOR ONCE in your worthless life hahahahahaha!!!!!.

new photos of one of my hung boytoys (taken 10/16/10)

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