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Ms Fiona

Coercing You with Kindness: Mature Domination

I'm not going to yell, because I don't need to, do I?
You're going to stop talking, remove your pants and do what I request. You want me to be proud of you, don't you?
That's right. *That's* why you'll behave.
Some men do not wish to always be overtly dominated. It takes charm and a fair dose of guile to inspire some men to place themselves where I want.
Whether you're in need of a gentle nudge to make you more productive, or seemingly benevolent woman to slip into your life and ultimately devastate you -- I have just the soft touch necessary to achieve it.
My approach is on the sensual side. A nearly coddling tone sets you at ease, so that I can work my will. You'll want to please me, and never disappoint. Among the adventures we could have:
  • - An authoritative woman to twist and torment you, inside and out.
  • - Coercion to do things against your nature.
  • - Bi-Curious? I'll walk you through it.
  • - Indulge me. Tell me your short comings, and your fears. Tell me how your wife is cheating on you. Tell me how you feel like less of a man.
  • - Experience the thrill of pampering a woman - whether you're willing to, or not.
  • - Have questions, or a very detailed scenario in mind? You may always email me beforehand.
After we speak, and the afterglow begins to fade, you might begin to feel embarrassed by all that we discussed. Don't fret over it too much, though -- as it will only last until you call me again.
I want you to feel at ease with taking your time to express what it is you seek. Please be aware that I am not going to play twenty questions. I'm not a magician, so I am not going to whip a fantasy out of the hat based upon a single keyword. We can cultivate a blissful environment, as long as you're willing to take this first step...