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Ms Fiona

Reprimanded and Sissified by a Mature Woman

For instance, I know you're not an ordinary man. Being masculine -- talking football, sports and women -- that's not for you. Panties are for you. If you don't believe me, just let me show you...
"Sissification" is a wide banner, but I'm quite adept with details. Whether being made into a proper lady, a whore or a blushing bride -- whether my decision, or yours -- I'm eager to give you the nurturing and discipline you'll need to follow through. Let's just hope you don't mind the amusement I find in your transformation. I'm certain some of my girlfriends might take some pleasure in it, as well.
The training may be rigorous, but I'll soothe you throughout. You'll be so much better by the time we're done. Afterall, a pretty girl is preferable to a sissy man.
Ideally, this experience will stay with you. Our conversation will linger in your thoughts and your dreams. Each time we speak, the fantasies will sink in more deeply.

Let me know what you're hoping to explore. Pour out your heart, your fantasies and arousals -- I'll listen, and then carefully weave them in. The more hesitant you are to reveal these secrets, the less capable I become. If you fear you might become flustered, or unable to articulate your desires, then just send me an email to start. I want to know what it is you need, darling.

That being said, please understand: I'm patient, but rudeness, unwillingness to participate, badgering for a meeting and fantasies that fall outside of NF's guidelines will not be tolerated.

I can be your private confidante. Just the two of us, sharing notes on clothes, shoes, makeup and men. No one has to know but us. Tell me about the beautiful corset you saw in the window... sit on my lap while you gush over the feel of your panties.