Phone Sex

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Guys Like You...

Yeah, I’ve seen your type before…in fact…I’m married to one.
He’s a pathetic loser with a teeny weenie, but a large bank account.
He lives to worship me;
to buy me sexy outfits I can wear for real men,
to lick me clean after they’re done with me,
I even allow him to get them ready for me…
I’m sweet like that!

A lot of people would call him a loser. *giggle* A lot of people would be right!
You’re the same way…
so what does that make you?
My little bitch for one thing.

Are you pathetic enough to serve me as I am accustomed to?
Wimpy enough to obey my every command?
Loser enough to indulge my every whim?
Call me with credit card in hand; I will expect tributes befitting my place as your new obsession.

Don’t let my giggle or my sweet voice fool you.
I really do think you are a loser.
I absolutely know that you were born to be used by me.
Just because I enjoy screwing you over doesn’t mean that you’re not screwed.
You SO are.

I enjoy toying with my prey…it makes the conquest that much sweeter.