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Mister will you be my piggy bank?


Hey Guys, I'm Katie and I love cock. Lots of it. I have a sweet sexy voice that will make you cum so hard you will never forget me. I am not only a slut but I am 100% real.

I'm a young coed and working as a teacher's aide doesn't exactly pay the bills so my girlfriend recomended NF, where I can combine three of my favorite things, SEX, the BDSM Lifestyle and money. I guess you can say I am a good girl gone bad. I am VERY eager to try new things. I am bisexual, petite and a REAL LIFE submissive redhead.

I am not an actress, I prefer to be totally subserviant and I am very obedient. Although I have only been in the lifestyle for a year, I am intelligent and I learn quickly. I enjoy stimulating your mind as much as your cock. I plead for your training, affection, and attention

I always show off my body in shorts,skirts or little sexy outfits to get as much attention as possible. The thing is...I love to submit to men and have been submissive towards guys as long as I can remember. I have always secretly loved to be used by men and have them basically OWN me.

I think group sex is really erotic and that every girl deserves to be gangbanged at least once.I can't get enough and NEVER say no. The first time I got tied up excited me so much I almost came. Just the thought of being bound and gagged makes me so wet. I have recently acquired a large assorment of toys and I am really eager to try every one of them out multiple times!!!I plead for your training, affection, and attention.

I'm seeing an older guy who likes to invite somewhat sadistic men to come over and have them use me. He loves to see me helpless as they restrain my arms behind my back, put me on my knees and put their cock down my throat, in my tight little pussy or even bend me over and drill my ass as I submit and do everything I'm told to do. I am often told by men that they have never gotten a better blowjob. I love to worship cocks and feel men EXPLODE all over me. Nothing turns me on more than milking a hard cock to completion and the taste of cum makes me want more, I can't get enough.

Honestly guys, just read my feedback. I love to roleplay and I am very open minded. I have always been a submissive slut since my first sexual experience and I love to tell guys my darkest secrets that I can't tell any of my friends. I would love to delve into yours and I never judge anyone. There is no acting here. Not only am I a 100% REAL submissive slut, I love hot sex and I WILL make you cum very hard and very often

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