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Queen of The Night

Bewicthing Seductress Puppetry and Mind Control

The Dark Puppet Maker

Enchanting weak souls into My devious web

What brings you here, darling? Is it the desire to surrender all your control to a beautiful woman and oblivion you shall find as My power over you grows? Is it the thirst for the Darkness that brings the thrill of spiraling on the path of self-destruction? Or is it an addiction that needs to be nurtured by My skillfully wicked manipulations? One and all, they are the silky threads of My web woven around you until you find yourself dangling from them, no less than a marionette, being toyed with. Seduced by charm, blinded by wickedness, reduced to being My puppet by sheer evilness.


It`s lurking inside you...

Smoldering embers of forbidden desires stroked into fires consuming your soul...

Seductive, it whispers for you to embrace it... tempting you sweetly to relinquish control...

Begin your downfall

I am an Evil Enchantress, a Queen of puppetry and addictions. While you’re entertaining seemingly harmless thoughts and fantasies of surrendering your control for a sheer moment of ecstasy, believing you can walk away at any time you wish, I spin My web right from beginning. Delicious web of sin and carnal pleasures that traps you deep within.

Soon you find yourself being trained as My Royal puppet, or coerced into serving in My Royal Faggotry Stable, to become a blaspheming sinner, or just an addict to Me, to dark harmful things. Dancing on My strings.

I am deviant in My enchanting manipulations of you, enjoying your torment as I feed of your weaknesses and fetishes. My charm and evil spells slide past defenses, push all the limits, and poison you with My version of what your existence ought to be.

Against your better judgment you`ll become My addict, drawn by the deviance of corruption I expose you to.

Thing of interest to Me

Goddess worship, mind control, slave training and puppetry, pantyhose/stockings and heels worship, latex, smoking, feminization, blaspheme and Satanic worship, energy ripping, tease and denial, corruption and possession of your soul. Those are just some of the most common ones, however if you there is something you don’t see listed here, you may send Me an email to inquire.

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Sinful Seduction into Submission
Mindfucking Cock Training

Hypnotic Cleavage
My plaything
Sin for your Queen

My Prey
Drifty Waves of Submission