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Remember me guys? well I am back .. took a break to handle some family business but I am back and ready to go again .. I had to redo my ad but you will know me by my face .. call soon loves I am waiting

Hello Guys, My name is Priscilla, and I am truly a lonely horny housewife. I married a very successful businessman who loves his business more than a home, though he does pride himself on having the hottest wife at the parties but if he only knew, there are very few that don’t know all about his hot wife.

My favorite night of the week though is weds nights. Its poker night here at the house, (don’t look for me on weds cuz I have so much I would rather be doing). It started out as a dare from my husband he told me a hot fantasy would be for me to serve the guys in my hottest pink teddy, once they were good into the game I started bringing in beer and nuts as well as sandwiches’ in some of the hottest lingerie I had at the time ( he got me a VS card now so each week I can get something hot to turn them all on with). I love the looks on their faces as I walk into the room. My husband loves the fact I turn them all on but if he only knew they have all fucked me once he passes out from all the booze.

My hubby has no idea what a dirty slut I am. I take each one of his friends into my bedroom and give them head while he’s playing poker in the next room. I get fucked and sucked so often on poker night that my pussy gushes puddles of sweet giz! Hubby’s none the wiser when he takes me to bed later that night. He always comments on how wet I am for him before rolling over and passing back out. I don’t think we have actually fucked in 6 months now. Won’t you help this horny lonely housewife? I need it so much I walk around with butterfly attached to me as well as a vibrator in my purse.