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  • All Fantasies (Cheerleader, Babysitter, Masseuse, Secretary, Teacher, GFE, Etc. Need ideas? E-mail me!)
  • RolePlaying (including some accents)
  • Domination and Training
  • Financial Domination
  • Sissification
  • Humiliation
  • ALL Fetishes (Foot, etc)
  • Body Worship
  • Submission
  • My Kinks: Bondage, Lesbian, Anal, Toys, cuckold, AND MORE!! JUST ASK!

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With a name like Bella Notte (Italain for “beautiful night”), I was never meant to have a career in the financial industry. I didn’t realize this, however, for 3 yrs! My sexual mind was running rampant. I kept porn minimized on my computer screen at all times. I'd envision people walking by my desk having sex right there. Sometimes I desired to join them, other times I was just curious what it'd be like with them. It didn’t matter who they were, or what they looked like. They could be old and experienced, or freshly 18 and eager to learn. Skinny, fat, balding, hairy, muscles and a tiny penis, or nerdy with a huge cock.

I found myself fantasizing about sex every day all day. Dreaming about customers offering me sexual satisfaction for helping them out. Or maybe me offering them sexual satisfaction for opening a new account.

Robbers taking over the bank, and rushing me out to their get-away car to be the pretty little submissive fuck-slave.

A married couple inquiring about a home equity, and me handing them my card afterwards. One for the wife. One for the husband. On the back of his card I'd write “cuckold?” On the back of hers I'd write “threesome?”

Often I thought about reviewing someone's transaction history, so I could just happen to frequent all of the same bars as they did. By the odd chance that I did see one out and about, I'd get them drunk, and seduce them. After fucking them all night, I'd make them visit me at work, with the promise that they'd not let anyone know that we had played so naughty together. After all, employees were not allowed to hook up with their customers. Not even nympho-sluts like me that just had to have it all the time. When they visited me at work they were instructed to keep eye contact with me, and not leave until I dismissed them. With them sitting across from me at my desk, I'd stretch out my long slender legs, and take my gorgeous crimson stiletto and rub my suckable toes across their balls. If they broke eye contact, they'd get a very firm, but loving jab in the thigh with the heel of my shoe. But if they were good boys, and helped make me $$, I'd grant that lil' $$ piggy a reward.

1 week later, they'd have the choice of listening to me masturbate over the phone while they jerked off, or watching me in person while they played with a vibrator in their cute pink asshole. When I got bored with my lil' dick $$-slaves, I'd take them back to the bar that I first bumped into them at, and make them watch me make out with some rando that I'd be taking home that night. I'd leave those little sissy bois there, crying like a cocktail waitress that got her tip jar stolen and then bent over and fucked in the ass with a big hard cock. Oh wait, that sounds fun! I should do that tonight. I'd go home with the rando and tell him how much more of man he was than anyone I had ever been with, while he railed me out, and tossed me around like a lil' rag doll. My slippery, wet, hot pussy sliding up and down on his thick shaft.

When I went back to work, I'd walk to my desk bowlegged from the mind-blowing 12 hr fuck I just had. Then spend my entire meeting with the manager thinking about him slapping his dick on my tongue while I was naked under his desk, and telling me I could have a raise as he pulled my hair and face-fucked my perdy-mouth, forcing my head down further when I choked, then exploding his huge load down my throat. If I was in a good mood, I'd want to swallow it up, and lick every drop from my lips. If I was feeling feisty, I'd want to spit it back out on his fresh pressed trousers, and watch him run frantically around the office trying to figure out how to hide it from the rest of the staff. Maybe I'd offer to fetch him new pants from a nearby store for a fee.

All the while, my loving boyfriend sitting at home, waiting to hold me tightly in his arms, run his fingers through my hair, and caress my soft skin. Make soft but passionate love to me, staring in my adoring eyes, and whispering words of love.

I had to get out of that bank so I could feed my sexual cravings. Working 9 hrs/day was just no bueno. I much rather work 2 hrs/day being kinky, and spend the rest of the day fucking like rabbits. So, I quit my job, and am here for your pleasure. Well, my pleasure, really. Help me continue being this incredible nympho and spend $$ on me. Maybe if I get enough $$, I'll have more time to take hot pics for you to CUM on!

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