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3/14/08 scum4bucket *****5stars not enough Hot, just like I want it.

3/18/2008 gbr034 Interesting beginning....could this be the start of a beautiful friendship???

3/18/2008 gbr034 $5.00?? Worth the price of admission! See note to asshole who wouldn't pony up to get ID when She clearly offers it on Her page.

3/17/2008 gbr034 Left me wanting more....BTW, is that how pathetic i look??

2/12/2008 OliverRalfL This Mistress is awesome. Please keep me still yours Mistress

2/10/2008 jrock20 she's beautiful, sadistic, and creative... that's a serious "triple threat" and I want to please her. I'll do anything she wants me to. Well worth it... Give her a call or e-mail, you will be hooked!!! Thanks Lacy!

2/10/2008 jrock20 She is amazing. She has me by the balls completely! I belong to her and will do what mistress says. Highly recommended ! Her pics are great, too.

2/4/2008 bobby11555 awesome girl

1/26/208 slaverof Easy and hot to talk to.