Phone Sex

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Read more losers this is all about us!

Hello Loser: this is what you will get when you call us. We will talk to each other about you, but not to you. So make sure the only word you say is Ignore . We will not say another word.

We Like: Manicures and Pedicures, Long bubble Baths with each other and a loser listening to what he cant have

We Dislike: Men who want to be ignored and think they can talk to me and get me to respond.

Kandi: Hey Randi who was that?

Randi: Ugh another one of those losers who called in to be ignored.

Kandi: Oh my god what losers! I can believe guys will call just to get ignored.

Randi: The Best part Kandi... He's still on!!!

Kandi: Oh I believe it. They are so stupid to call in and hear us talking about what a wuss just calling to pay through the nose just to hear us talk smack about them?

Randi: Right? As long as they pay I could care less... Is he still on?

Kandi: *pauses and listens*Hahaha!!! Yeah he is!

Randi: So what do you want to do with his hard earned money?

Kandi: Oooohh if we keep him on for an hour we can get manis and pettees! And another 30 minutes we can stop for a nice lunch!

Randi: That sounds nice!!! Should we go watch TV and let him just listen?