Phone Sex

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I am part saint and part sinner.

Part angel and part devil.

$20 Three Pictures to Worship

I am everything in between.I make you nuts, I make you crazy, but I stay on your mind , thats what makes me stand out. I am forever branded into your brain. I am an obsession, an attraction and itch that must be scratched.There is no looking away, no fighting it. You will give in and I know the power I have over you, and I will use it against you. I am hotter then your girlfriend, more attractive then your wife and if you are good to me, I may even pay attention to you.

So many buttons to choose from, so start at the beginning and work your way to the bottom.You know you have know choice I am your reason for being.

$25 A New Lip Gloss
$50 Coffee Fix for the Week
$100 Gift Me
$250 Sexy New Shoes
$500 Car Payment
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