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The second coming. Your world is full of chaos and the sky seems to be falling down around you. No one understands. No One gets what’s truly going on. But you do. You feel as if time moves way to fast and if it would just slow down just enough for you to catch your breath, then maybe you would be able to overcome those feelings of doubt and inadequacy. Does this sound like someone you know?

With just a little help from the universe you could have the world in the palm of you hands. That is what you want isn’t it? To live the life of an alpha. To walk a noble path and be recognized for the super hero that you oh so long to be? Does this sound like somethin you would say?

Well, has it every occurred to you that if it hasn’t happened by now that it never fucking will? Hmmm? All those years you spent trying to fit in. To be just like everyone else. And for what? Only to find out that life isnt unfair as most bottom feeders would have you believe. But in actuality is a just life, that is painfully beautiful with all of its imperfections. Its time you stopped making excuses for the life you have lived. Its time that you come to terms with your failed status and mediocre existence. This is your second coming.

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Wake up and smell the stink that is your life. Realize that you have turned out to be exactly what you were meant to be. Second rate. Realize this for once and embrace it as you would a new idea. You were meant to be a follower. You were meant to serve. This is what you truly do best. This is your second coming. Not all people are born to be leaders. Not everyone is destined for greatness. You were born to serve. For every beginning, there has to be an end. For every Alpha there must be an Omega. Accept this and then you shall be free.

Let me extend a hand the of salvation. Let me help you come to terms with your new revelation. Let me be the Goddess that you were meant to serve. This is your second coming. Fighting it only makes it worse and takes time away from the new life that lies ahead of you. You do want to live don’t you? Finally you can breath easily with the knowledge of my intentions. My intentions to mold you and show you how to serve. It is at the beck and call of a demanding woman that you will come alive. Stop holding on to the ideal of equality. Haven’t you suffered enough?

From this moment forward you will submit entirely. Give up all the negativity that plagued your old life and start anew as my servant. Your servitude enables you to live worry free as long as your main focus in life is me. I can show you your purpose. I can teach you that being in the background will be the most important role of your life. Look around at the position that you take at this very moment. Now take two steps back. You were meant to serve. Behind me is where you belong. You see, I understand you. I get whats truly going on. More so than you. I may not be able to slow down time but I can allow you to breath easily as you submit and surrender to me. As the stink of your life subsides and the chaos quiets down, you fall in place. So shhhh, quiet down my little sweet puppy. Let the seed of submission grow inside of you. And as this seed grows, no that I possess the water you need to survive. Shhh, Shhhhhhhh. Listen. This is your second coming .