Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

We are going to be real honest with you... and that is ultimately what you want so pay attention! You got more money then you know what to do with but you are bored. Your money isn't getting you the sexual thrill you need. That little gold digger that agreed to be your wife, is no longer enough. Now life seems pointless.

Yeah, its the age old story... money can't buy happiness... or can it?

Over on our end of things, we have no problem admitting we need some more money here... and to be damn honest about things, we deserve it We are not going to lie about anything... we are a married couple. We will always be a married couple. You might wonder what that means for you... with your money... how it works when you call, so do pay attention and we can explain it.

When you call you will get both Kate AND Michael on the line. Don't ask to talk to one of Us by ourselves, because We dont swing that way. We do know that this arrangement wont be to everyone's liking, but to make it easy for you we do offer 3 free mins of talk time to anyone that asks so you can test us risk free. We don't want to be here to disappoint anyone or make anyone uncomfortable. We are DOM so be prepared to deal with a couple Alpha peronalities... but We aren't asshole abusers. We will listen to your desire... your fantasy... your fears... and we will try to make this call as fun as fun can be for you... you wil be paying to support us both in this lifestyle we enjoy afterall. And do think about that now again... isn't it wonderful that we will be together fucking for real whenever we want while you will only get the hot thrill of supporting us without being able to fuck Kate? It really is just like real life cuckolding for you :)

Do wrap your mind around it... while you are able to only jerk off and talk to the woman of your dreams, she is with the guy that makes her cum every night we fuck each others brains out. It is great for you and great for us. We get all the sex we want... as is right since we deserve it. We love the freedom to travel as we see fit and your money pays for it... so you get to feel useful. We love being able to stay home all day long and fuck each others brains out if that is our choice too and your money pasy fro that too. We do phone sex with Niteflirt because it does pay the bills. People like you are paying our bills and in return we are dealing with your sad, boring, little life.

Money may not buy you all the happiness you might dream of in a perfect world... but it can make your life a little happier if it gets a bit of Kate teasing you from this end of the phone while you jerk away for the dream.

we are going to warn you before you call that we dont really resort to the tired little blackmail forms some others may rely on. We are just who we are... a real and legitmate married couple that love to fuck each other's brains out... love the privledged life... don't have the slightest problem taking your money that you don't need anyhow and putting it to much better use in our own cause. It is your fantasy... it is how you get off... and it is right you pay for it. Nothing wrong or sinful is going on here... at least not until your wife finds out and wonders where the hell all the money went lol

Be prepared to discuss your job. We know it pays well, but be fucking honest with us how well it pays so we can decide what price you will be paying for our time. Be prepared to talk about it. It probably bores the hell out of you, but now you are with us and we want to know.

Be prepared to talk about your home town. We want to know where you live. Be prepared to talk about your marriage or if you havent been lucky enough to get laid yet.

This isnt going to be fake with some loser that gets a giggle from taking your money. Your arousal comes from forking out some serious money to people that become your life here online and on the phone. We will share with you a lot about ourselves too... within our own comfort zones always of course. You will either be honest or lie... that will be your choice, but you will talk. You will earn every second you get here. It is going to cost you a ton of money. We have other lines here that are cheaper for other guys to call... but that won't ever please you. You got the good job and nothing else going on... so use the fucking money to finally get a little happiness for yourself today.

And do take the time to leave us ratings when you call or you will be charged the LOSER TAX. Seriously, what is the point of all this if you can't at least show off your name here and admit to all the other wannabe's that you actually do have the coin to afford this luXXXery line that Kate and Michael have so generously offered up to your prayers today?