Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

Welcome you have "nice guy dis-ease"?
You just can't figure out why you can't get a woman to talk to you, much less date you, right?
Now... PAY ATTENTION...I am sure you have seen a type of training offered on the web under P.U.A " pick up artist" training.
You know what I am talking about,don't you Boy?
Those expensive seminars or CD's where " former losers" pretend to teach you how to change your dating life and pick up HB's "Hot Babes".
Well I found in my studies that most of them just humiliate you(I think to make themselves feel better)...take your money and give you basically bad advice.
Well I thought to myself "I can do that much better( sexy evil grin)" !
I feel sorry for those A.F.C "average frustrated chumps"(yes that's what they call YOU) who paid big money (hundreds to thousands of dollars) for those seminars.
I studied most all of the Pick Up Artists in the community and then chose a select few of these P.U.A experts( yes there are some really good ones)...studied their best and I became what they call a F.P.U.A "female pick-up artist "myself.
I will take the best they had to offer and put a different spin on what I feel is their best advice.
Offering a female point of view as many other women that studied this subject have done.
We have a new direction to seduction.
I will use my skills in NLP and Sales to help you.
Using role play and a bit of mind control fun
My mind reprogramming will make this your new reality.(you know the saying " fake-it-till-you-make-it".)
What would it feel like now to be convinced that you are now more successful with many women TODAY
I will train you to be the guy that women value more.
You have this aching need to to get rid of your "loser nice guy" image, don't you?.
Call me and I will help you sort though all the bad advice you have been given in the past about what women want.
I have trained guys in person with this mind control method and I can hypnotically or using NLP implant all my new ideas deep into your mind.
I will not promise I can turn you from a "frog" into a "prince" If you are a "toad"
However, these mind control techniques have been tested thoroughly and they work very very well.
Maybe a bit too well.
So , be very careful what you wish for what you let me slip into your mind!
BE CAREFUL or you will become hopelessly addicted to my training.
I have recently done a 5 month study on "online dating".
Boy is that ever pathetic!!!
I can help you with that too. NOTE:You might want to ask about having a custom MP3 made just for your needs....when you...Call Me Now!!