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Jennifer Anne

I love the feel of a hot tongue

Hey y'all welcome to the taste of the South. I am a southern belle who loves to tease and please. I love to flirt and my boyfriends are always jealous of me because I don't know how to be any other way. Like I can walk into a party or a club and just immediately strike up a convo with anyone!! My friends always tell me I shouldn't talk to strangers, but I really don't know a stranger, it's just a friend I haven't met yet!!!

I have had this ad up for a few years now, but that was only because the guy I was dating didn't understand what I could possibly get from Phone Sex, and how two strangers could hook up on the phone and get off. I tried to show him, by letting him listen into a few calls, but after that, he said that I could either keep doing phone with strangers and give him up or stop and he would stay. Truth be told the only reason I stopped is his dick was 9 inches and OMG soo thick!!

So as you can see we didn't work out and I have a few guys I date here and there, but I have decided to try going back to school, part time for now till I totally decide what I want to do. I am just taking some of the basic courses. And sometimes it's too quiet in my apartment so I decided, hey let me have some fun again! Are you ready to have some fun with me???



A little about me. My name is Jennifer Anne and I am 23 years old. I work as a shot girl at the local bar on weekends and during the week I work as a receptionist for a construction company. I have been working both jobs, not because I need the money or here because I need the money, I work because I love going places, traveling, cruises and things like that. My best friend and I went on a singles cruise about 6 months back and I want to do it again!!! Let me tell you some of the stories!! I live in Florida, and the beaches are always filled with some hot men too. To me it's always Spring Break within an hours drive!!


So now you have the upper hand. You know a bit about me, but when I answer the phone, I won't know much about you, so please share a bit about you with me before we get into the dirty dirty!! I love phone sex and I love role playing out many different types of fantasies. I can't wait for you to share yours with me! So come on and pick up that phone, let's get each other off! BTW I don't fake it, I want you to know that if you see me online I am as horny as you are. So come on, come play with me baby!!