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Hello to all the hot guys out there, my name is Ivy, I am 100% Irish but 4th generation here in America, so I dont have a very thick accent. I am 20 years old, and I live with two extremely HOT female room mates, and we are always getting into some kind of fun. I just started back to school, I took a few years off, got a job and tried to decide where I wanted to go with my career. Now I am ready to buckle down and get to it. I live outside the fun city of Atlanta, so sometimes its hard to just buckle down and concentrate, and the crowd I hang out with well they love to distract me. Whats a girl to do???

My sex life is not at all boring. I am into all kinds of things. I am very bi sexual and have had many many encounters with women as well as men and would love to share my stories with you if you would like to hear them. Am sure your wondering about the room mates and I and yes let me tell you there have been nights the beer, wine or liquor has made for some freaky hot encounters with them. All you have to do is ask and I will tell you about them too. (They do NOT want to do phone calls well at least while they are sober) But I am sure with my voice and story telling skills, you will explode listening.

I have to confess there are some things that turn me on more then others. I love being outside nude. I know its against the law and sometimes I think thats what makes it all the more exciting for me. My previous boyfriend was an amateur photographer so he would wake me up early and we would go to parks, or beaches and take photos. He still displays some of our times together in his portfolio and I think its hot. We were together for 5 years, from the beginning of high school till the year we lived together outside of High School. We just wanted different things but he will forever be very special to me. He is moving away soon and that really bums me out. So I have been single now for a little over a year and loving what single brings with it.

So, why am I here?? Simple, I want to earn some extra money for things that I want to do. From parties, to cruises, to all things inbetween. I need a larger cash flow. You will find me on most evenings and weekends when I am not in school. Occasionally I get home between classes but not as a general rule. The house we live in has a 6' privacy fence and I am going to start being outside working on my tan on the weekends so perhaps when you call you will catch me doing that. I sure hope so, because its one of my biggest turn ons. Hope to talk to you soon.

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