Phone Sex

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┌∩┐(◣_Ignore Raise the Rate or Raise The Rate Chat

WHO'S THE BIGGEST LOSER?Ignore Raise the Rate or Raise The Rate Chat

Wanna play Princess Amy Favorite Game jack up My rate!! I will hang up on you and jack up My rate!!

I will jack my rate up higher and higher everytime I hang up on your sorry ass!

You better work hard to get my attention or I will ignore your ass


Princess Raise The Rate Game here is how this game works:
1. You call and beg me, on your knees, to raise my rate.
2. I hang up on your loser ass and raise my rate.
3. You call back and happily get financially raped and beg me to raise it more.
4. Repeat as above. Simple isn't it

If you do NOT call back, you will be blocked from calling Me

How long will it take me to get tired of your pathetic ass and hang up so I can raise the rate?
I'll hang up when I'm ready to.


When I answer the phone I expect to be greeted by you saying "Princess Amy Please raise your rate I want to play

Ignore Raise the Rate or Raise The Rate Chat "

Ignore Raise the Rate Starts at $3.25 and it goes up to how much I want it to go up

Raise The Rate Chat Starts at $5.00 and it goes up to how much I want it to go up

Dont call this line unless your willing to play Raise the rate

When I say it's all about me, I mean IT'S ALL ABOUT ME, BITCH.
I will continue to do this until I have taken all the money you have and you will keep calling back because you can't help yourself.

Always looking for new Piggies and Losers to use and drain. Listen while I Ignore you and just go about my business while taking your money!

get your wallet ready and call as many times as you need to feel like the ultimate loser.

Call Now so I can suck your wallet dry.

I will laugh/giggle just thinking of your money going into my account while your wanking away. And by the way, absolutely no cumming when you're on the call - I decide when that happens, only I can give you permission

Don't call Princess Amy expecting phone sex! LIVE CALL / NO SCRIPTS / English is MY primary language
When You call Intreduce yourself and explain why your calling I cant read fucking minds dip shits ... If it is to serve me you will explain why you feel worthy enough to serve ME If I have talked to you before, mention it instantly! "Hello Princess this is Your name, you've seen me before last week (last month, last year, whenever it was Do not expect me to remember you You will obey my every command . When You Call Me You Will Always be on Your knees