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So you're fag, a Money Slave, a Pay-Pet or whatever you want to call yourself and your looking for some Hot Male Financial Domination. Ever been financially dominated by a supreme MALE? Better yet, ever been financially dominated. WHAT IS MONEY SLAVERY AND FINANCIAL DOMINATION? IN A NUTSHELL... IT IS THE SPIRITUAL ACT OF SERVING; MANIFESTED BY THE MONEY & GIFTS YOU GIVE... YOUR CASH IS THE PROXY FOR YUR VERY SOUL I CANNOT PHYSICALLY BEAT YOU IN CYBERSPACE, BUT I CAN CERTAINLY MAKE YU HURT IN MANY MORE CREATIVE WAYS IF YOU CANNOT KNEEL BEFORE ME IN PERSON YOU CAN CERTAINLY OFFER YOU HEART TO ME ON A PLATTER BY BECOMING A MONEY SLAVE WHAT DOES FINANCIAL DOMINATION MEAN TO ME? AND WHAT IS SHOULD MEAN TO YOU? SEXUALITY IS A CURIOUS THING BDSM IS AN EVEN MORE CURIOUS ONE I FIND THAT THE D's LIFESTYLE IN GENERAL TRANSCENDS SEXUAL PREFERENCES... IT IS A PANSEXUAL GAME ALL CAN PLAY, REGARDLESS OF CREED OR ORIENTATION FINANCIAL DOMINATION AND MONEY SLAVERY ARE JUST VARIATIONS OF THIS THEME IT IS A PART OF THE D's LIFESTYLE, YES CERTAINLY NOT ALL OF IT YOUR GIVING IS AN ACT OF LOVE, OF SUBMISSION, OF DEVOTION. IT IS JUST ONE FORM OF EXPRESSION IN A MULTIFACETED EXPERIENCE OF TEXTURES AND EMOTIONS ANOTHER CURIOUS AND EXCITING BY-PRODUCT OF THIS FETISH IS THE FEAR OF RUINATION I HAVE THE ABILITY TO RUIN YOU, TO BLEED YOU DRY I KNOW YOU FEAR OF EXPOSURE AND RUIN EXCITES MANY OF YOU AND IS OFTEN THE IMPETUS FOR GIVING MORE. WILL I ACT ON YOUR FEARS? ONE CAN ONLY GUESS MY PLEASURE IS OF THE U THE MOST IMPORTANCE KEEP ME HAPPY AND I MAY NOT RUIN YOU, UNLESS YOU BEG ME NICELY...YOUR DEMISE IS AT MY CAPRICIOUS WHIM! WHY DO MEN GIVE EVERYTHING AND SEEMINGLY GET NOTHING IN RETURN?HOW TERRIBLY TRUE, YET COMPLETELY UNTRUE! PHYSICALLY, ASIDE FROM PERHAPS SERVING ME REAL TIME, YOU SHOULD EXPECT NOTHING I AM NOT HERE TO GIVE YOU SEXUAL PLEASURE IF I WISH TO USE YOU AS MY MAID, OR BEAT YOU AS A REWARD, IT IS AT MY WHIM (MASOCHISTIC & HEALTHY) AFTER ALL, I AM A SADIST AND LOVE TO PLAY... BUT IF YOU ARE NOT A MASOCHIST, PAIN PLAY IS SOMETIMES NET SATISFYING IF YOU SIMPLY LIVE TO SERVE, I CAN MAKE USE OF YOU IN THAT WAY AS WELL. AGAIN I REPEAT : I'M NOT HERE FOR YOUR SEXUAL GRATIFICATION I MAY TAKE AN INTEREST, LIKE A SCIENTIST, IN THE WORKINGS OF YOUR PENIS ON YOUR PERSONA. BUT IT IS ALWAYS AS IF I AM STUDYING A BUG UNDER A MICROSCOPE YOU LIVE FOR ME, ALWAYS ME - NEVER THE OPPOSITE THE FLIP SIDE IS THIS: ALMOST ALL MONEY SLAVES TALK OF THE IMMENSE EMOTIONAL AND MENTAL SATISFACTION THEY RECEIVED FROM THE ACT OF GIVING MOST EXPERIENCE INTENSE SEXUAL GRATIFICATION THAT SEEMS TO TRANSCEND THE PHYSICAL. THERE IS PURITY TO FINANCIAL DOMINATION NOT OFTEN FOUND IN OTHER FETISHES THERE IS A BEAUTY AND JOY THAT SEEMS TO PERMEATE THE SOUL OF THE GIVER. YOU WISH TO LIVE FOR A POWER GREATER THAN YOURSELF, TO GIVE ALL YOU HAVE TO THAT ONE TRUE BEING I AM ADDICTIVE TAKE PRIDE IN YOUR ADDICTIONS, LITTLE BOY!ARE YOU READY TO SUBMIT TO THE LEATHERDOMINANT? Well, Master is happy that you have CUM to the right place to pay your Fag Taxes, my little sub! I'm always ready and able to let my Alpha Male Supremacy side work your pathetic sub ass in to a pulp. It is my job and I take it seriously! I'm a dude who may work a little differently that other Male Financial Domination fuck nuts you have served b4! Yes Fag Boy that is right, I required to be served like the real Man! With me, aside from your money going to GOOD work for me in paying for shit like Master's bills and having some fun, travel..., your money also gets my rocks off sub!!! Master also gets his own cock to bust phat cum loads too! It is fucking awesome! Gay dudes don't get me off in the least, but when they serve me and throw money at me, like I deserve it, get me an instant erection! It is apparently like Viagra for this College Stud! Try hiding a rock hard cock my size in public. Doesn't work well! On the plus side, I have gotten laid by a few chicks who grew interested in the bulge. Anyway, Master digresses. Ah, nothing like a good financial servant who knows how to bring me pleasure! Gratify me sub! Gratify Master!!! So, I guess what Master is getting at is that if you're a cheap ass sub, don't bother, because If I'm not getting my rocks off then it is not worth my time, and you're better off finding yourself some cheap, ugly, small ass dick 'Dom' to play with, cause I'm busy with the real subs out there. No offense to the small dicked ones, but I'm fit and bread for the financially well off fags, preferably the millionaire subs. So if you are opening your wallet right now and there is enough cash in there or plenty of plastic then it is time for you to cough up your back Fag Taxes, and get on an at a minimum monthly payment plan, because Master is ready to bust a nut all over your cash sub