Phone Sex

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This Chocolate Princess DEMANDS Your Money!!!!

I don't care if we are in a recession Fucker!!!!

Damn It - I want to go shopping and I want you to give me the money to go!!!! RIGHT NOW!!!!

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Don't you want me to look good for you daddy???? I thought you liked me to dress sexy just for you?

Buy me the things that I want!!! If not I'm gonna slap the shit outta you!!! I will punish you soooo fucking bad!!!

I don't work - And I know you can afford to make my life as carefree and easy as I want it to be.

Your money definitely gets spent Asshole! Even if I have money in my bank account I still expect more and want more and you better not stop giving it to me either!!!

I want to continue looking good, feeling good and partying with your fucking money!!!

I want to rub your money all over my sexy ass brown cocoa body!

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This is a piece of chocolate that you WILL NOT refuse!!!

I DEMAND that you pay one of the following:
  • My New Car Fund
  • My Mortgage
  • My Cell Phone Bill
  • My Utilities
  • My Tuition
  • My Clothing Bill